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Let's Buy Happiness – "Run" (Hey Sholay Remix) [Premiere]

Our auditory appetites were first whet in 2010 when UK indie quintet Let’s Buy Happiness shared the stage with some of our favorite acts at Glastonbury Festival. They’ve since scattered a few crumbs in the form of songs (all that we eagerly lapped up), but now, nearly four years later, the band is finally releasing their debut album Chants for Friends.

In a time where many breakthrough artists ride the initial surge of success straight into the studio, it’s refreshing to find a group that coddled and conceptualized until they found their final sound. As evident in the single “Run,” this masterpiece is well worth the wait. The song is a haunting retelling of a story we’ve heard a hundred times – the protagonist in discussion fleeing his/her problems instead of facing them head on. And if you think that the majestically mellow track couldn’t get better, we’re introducing a remix that just ups the ante to unparalleled electro-proportions.

Thanks to psych five-piece Hey Sholay, the track gets a extraterrestrial twist with layers of buzzy synth, progressive percussion and building bell chimes backing up Sarah Hall’s phantomy falsetto.

“Run” will be available on November 4, but until then, stream The xx-esque remix of the track below.

Hazy · Indie · Synth


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