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SomeKindaWonderful vs. Moby - "Everything That Rises" [Download + Premiere]

Though relatively new to the scene, Cleveland's SomeKindaWonderful have made a name for themselves over the course of 2013. If you haven't heard of them, then make an introduction now. With a unique blend of electro and indie, the band has been building a loyal fanbase via Soundcloud and Facebook, capturing an audience who crave music that can be both felt and heard. Slow-moving, methodic, and lyrical, their tracks "Reverse" and "Police" serve as anthems to the generation of listeners who grew up in the digital age but appreciate guitar riffs and vocal solos.

So far we've only heard their aforementioned originals, but today's special release, a remix of Moby's track "Everything That Rises", competes for a title. Like its predecessor, SomeKindaWonderful's version builds over time, stitching crisp vocals over the background refrain and downtempo rock progressions. I'm not sure where this track will take you, but I know that after listening to it you'll feel like you've been on a journey.

In case you missed it last month, you can stream Moby's entire Innocents album here, the perfect soundtrack to a day where you just want to forget... 

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