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The Pharcyde – "Runnin'" (Bit Funk Remix) [Download]

This remix is a reminder of the huge impact that South Central hip hop foursome The Pharcyde has had on artists across all types of music. The timeless soulful approach to their tracks is still relevant, as proven by the consistent resurfacing of iconic songs like their 1995 hit "Runnin'". Today it's caught our ear again, but this time with a remix by one of our more intriguing recent discoveries out of Brooklyn: synth pop producer Bit Funk. Keeping the real soul behind the original in tact, Bit Funk has remixed "Runnin'" into a 1970s R&B meets The Fresh Prince of Bel Air style. Adding a little cool to the melancholy, this free download will make you a little less worried that it's only Tuesday.

The Pharcyde

Runnin' (Bit Funk Remix)

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