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Robyn – "Dancing On My Own" (Emil Heró Remix)

“Dancing On My Own” has to be recognized as indie-approved pop. You can be snobbish and elitist, but it won’t save you from this earworm. The Emil Heró is no different. By eschewing the chugging bass for a soft, music-box lead and pitching Robyn’s vocals down, this remix thrives in its cut-ups. The house drums come a little harder and faster than with the original, and they match the vocal hooks perfectly. The deep synth tone and pitch shifts are counterbalanced perfectly by an almost tropical percussion and steel drum synth reminiscent of Blood Diamonds and Tanlines. The chorus is guaranteed to make you move.

While it may be world’s different from the original cut, it captures the melancholy and fiery longing of the original. As a song about wanting, it does just what it should: it makes you want it more.



"Dancing On My Own" (Emil Heró Remix)

  • 10/25/13


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