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Baio - "Banj"

Chris Baio, the bassist of Vampire Weekend, is set to release his sophomore solo effort as the Mira EP. Over the past few weeks, Baio has been slipping us his Balearic house treats as we approach the EP’s release date. “Banj” is the third revealed track from the Brooklynite on SoundCloud. Its bright and bouncy nature really highlights the essence of Baio’s sound. I’m not sure where the inspiration lies, but this track makes the Vampire Weekend connection more obvious than anything else we’ve heard so far from the Mira EP.  

This track follows the reveal of “Welterweight” and the EP’s titular track, “Mira.” Both are really fun tracks that even feature vocals from Baio himself. The final track left to be unveiled from the EP is “Zona.” Even without the last track, it’s safe to say that Baio is avoiding any sort of sophomore slump. Look for the full Mira EP available October 28 via the Australian label, Future Classic



Mira EP

  • Future Classic
  • 2013-10-23
Dance · Indie · Pop · Tropical


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