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Jay Rock – "Numbers On The Board" (Freestyle)

Jay Rock is known for his steady, gritty flow with witty lyrics to back it up, and he delivers all of his trademarks in this brand new release. The TDE member, and one fourth of the Black Hippy crew, put's his spin on Pusha T's infectious track, "Numbers On The Board". He wastes no time either, as he takes off into a full out verbal assault, touching on being called the low man on the totem pole and making his ends meet the legal way as opposed to his old way of living. There has been a lot of buzz from the TDE camp that has promises of a steady flow of new material, and if this is a sign of whats to come, then we can expect them to continue to make a claim for the crown. Let's hope we see a new project from Rock in the near future, and oh, we hear you on those ad-libs Kendrick!



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