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Alexander Spit - "The Room" [Video]

Alexander Spit lures fans back into his psychedelic world in the first video from his upcoming album, Dillinger.   Aptly titled "The Room", the visuals have none of the hilarity or cringe worthy acting found in  the movie that shares it's name. Instead, Doug Chung and the Bay Area producer/rapper craft a piece that evokes a dark and lonesome feeling in viewers. 

Sitting alone in a dimly lit room, Spit works on his music, possibly creating a new beat. The entire set is pitch black, only silhouettes of the various items around his space are visible. There are some lights provided by the screens of his television and his computers, which give off a creepy an unsettling blue shadow. Conceptually, it is as interesting and trippy as the production he is rapping over. Towards the end, the colors that were previously absent rapidly flash on the screen, as if Spit wants his fans to seize before they finish watching. It manages to break the tension that was slowly building during the previous three minutes, while supplying eyes with some nice candy to gaze at. 

Dillinger is out November 12th and it is shaping up to be a good one. His Soundcloud is a treasure trove of great music. If you haven't heard any of his music before, it would be a great place to begin your journey; a journey that contains many twists and turns, but is satisfying nonetheless. 

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Alexander Spit
7 years ago

thanks for the dope write up