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Shoot The Ghost - "Demons" (Feat. Kat Kyriss) (Unknown Remix) [Premiere]

Ben Pearce's Purp & Soul label has one goal in mind, that is, to bring independent artists, under the umbrella of a synergetic music label, that still holding a distinct UK sound and spans a wide range of genres. In order to prove this point, Pearce brings us his 8th release; a remix compilation for Shoot The Ghost's track "Demons". The package will include remixes from Pearce himself, 2nd Sun, Dan Styles and Unknown. 

Highlighting the soulful vocals of Kat Kyrris, the tracks all vary by genre and style, making for a bundle that's guaranteed to suit at least one of your favorite styles. Today we have the premiere of Belfast's Unknown. With a futuristic sound that lends itself perfectly to Kat's airy vocal tones, Unknown delivers a slow build, filled with emotion and hypnotizing melodies. He creates a dark and ominous atmosphere that captivates the mind and mesmerizes the ears all at once. PURP0008 comes out Monday. 

Shoot The Ghost 'Demons' Artwork Low Res

Shoot The Ghost

"Demons" (Unknown Remix)

  • Purp & Soul
  • 28-10-2013


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