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Filtercrush vs. Jack&Jordan - "Asura" (Tom Swoon Edit)

In April 2013, New Yorkers Mikhail Kofman and Kyle Rayner formed Filtercrush with the aim of transforming radio hits into progressive house masterpieces. After successfully achieving this goal with otherworldly mixes like Rihanna's "Stay" and Mumford & Sons' "Little Lion Man", they have recently teamed up with Jack&Jordon, a duo of teenagers from Scotland & England, to bring you the almighty sound of "Asura". In case you thought that this track wouldn't have enough heart pounding beats or cause complete "dance floor mayhem" as they call it, Polish artist Tom Swoon has laid his very talented hands upon it, presiding over the quality production. "Asura", a term used in some religions for an anti-god, has a powerful sound with an fervent beat and an almost scary good piano melody. This edit is sure to create pandemonium just like a true deity of chaos. 

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Filtercrush vs. Jack&Jordan

"Asura" (Tom Swoon Edit)

  • Party People
  • 2013-10-21


Dance · Progressive


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Misha K
7 years ago

“: #EARMILK : Filtercrush vs. Jack&Jordan - "Asura" ... - http://t.co/WjoMxFWW4z @TomSwoon @Filtercrush @JackandJordanUK”