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LEVI - Le Code [EP]

With the mass emergence of what popular culture now likes to call “EDM”, there are some sounds often not replicated, and for good reason. The deep and intricate sounds of the progressive underground are often imitated but never duplicated. 

Enter LEVI, who finds himself among a very small pool of deftly versed music producers, still striving to break away from the abyss that is the “what the people are demanding” formula. Brian Levi, otherwise a Parisian operating in New York City, has truly crafted something special. His latest 2-track EP Le Code presents us with a breath of fresh air in the current atmosphere of popular dance music.

An artists first goal is to capture and guide the listener's attention and here Leviii masters that through the intricate layers of his production. His skill and production level is evidenced across the 2 tracks, both in style, and the dual nature of each side.  “Explosif” leads your attention to all the composition details, first coming in heavy and hard-hitting, the track swiftly glides into a more melodic atmosphere than originally presented and then back to the stabbing bassline that instantly catches your attention.

“Passage C17” falls on the more melodic side. With a beautifully crafted piano build up, there lies a certain cinematic level that holds so much beauty alone, but when the pace starts to pick up we can see where Leviii is headed, straight towards mind controlling dance floor power. Waves of cooling synths, twinkling melodies, and a deep bassline make for the perfect combination of dark versus light. Emotional, powerful, and overall a beautiful production work, The Code will lead you through twists and turns you can only find through a musical journey. Even if the mainstream doesn’t always get down with this sound, no reason to complain, not everyone understands the Le Code. But trust us we're listening and following suit.

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