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Jakubi - "Feels Like Yesterday" [Download]

The momentum is rolling for the Australian 5-piece pop group Jakubi today, coming off the Hype Machine success of “Can’t Afford It All” and “Holiday". Their newest track "Feels Like Yesterday" is the ensembles 3rd single, showing us that there's absolutely no stopping them when it comes to funk directly in your face. However, this release takes a more personal turn when the band's brothers Jerome and Jacob reveal what it was like to grow up with a single father, and you can hear it in their amazing vocals. The ultimate piano riff and throwback bass helps plant this song on the top of my playlist, and it doesn't stop there. "Feels Like Yesterday" is the epitome of modern funk, with a quick breakdown and group vocals on the chorus.  I can't wait for more from Jakubi, and neither should you. Click "purchase" belowe to grab the free download for the price of a like and commence the funk.

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"Feels Like Yesterday"

  • October 11th
Electro Pop · Pop


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