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Singularity - Rift [EP Preview]

We just got the latest EP from LA's Play Me Records, and it's sounding huge. Coming from the desk of west coast producer Singularity, the Rift EP is a creative collection of bass-heavy tracks. The four-track EP is diverse to the point that it's impossible to nail down to a specific genre, and is a big step in the producer's budding career. Call it dubstep, glitch hop, whatever you may, this release is sure to impress listeners when it drops later this month. 

The tracks are a sound followup to Singularity's #1 charting Horizon EP. Featuring three different vocal performances alongside special guest pianist/YouTube sensation Evan Duffy, the Rift EP is an emotional roller coaster, full of soothing melodies, hard-hitting drum programming, and original progressive production. The vocal work is nothing short of outstanding - both male and female vocalists feature on the tracks, including some vox from Singularity himself! It's always nice to see producers showing off the full package by featuring their voices on their own tracks (in this case, both 'Vain' and 'Drowning'). 

We're going to be hosting a competition for the title track, Rift, so producers keep an eye out for that announcement coming soon!

Check out the EP preview on YouTube:

Full tracklisting: 

1. Singularity - Rift feat. Jenn Lucas (Original Mix)

2. Singularity - Home feat. Anna Yvette (Original Mix)

3. Singularity - Vain feat. Piano by Evan Duffy (Original Mix)

4. Singularity - Drowning (Original Mix)

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