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SCRNS - "TTYN" [Video Premiere]

Today we are constantly exposed to new experiments, new genres, and new cultures in music that require us to remain relevant and updated, and often times it allows us to feel open to almost anything thrown at us. We're exposed to countless projects on a daily basis, which makes it difficult to choose which new style we prefer. However, you may occasionally stumble across a project so unique, yet so appealing, that you realize the constant feed of fresh attempts at perfection may have just helped you discover a new favorite genre.  With that being said, EARMILK is proud to bring you Minneapolis based duo SCRNS, the product of Howler Bassist Max Petrek and ballerina-turned vocalist Erin Ross.

Similar to 90's legends Aphex Twin and Joedci, their aesthetics put a spin on modern pop music and generate a wildly original sound derived from their shared love for Billboard rap, R'n'B and EDM. As experimental as their productions may be, SCRNS style is flawlessly completed with vibrant, teenage vocals posing a distorted pop side. The group is ready to release their debut single "TTYN" via Banter on October 10, along with a video equally as experimental as the track itself. Experience the psychedelic pop of SCRNS now by hitting the YouTube link, and be sure to grab the exclusive download of "TTYN" here today.


Stream: SCRNS - TTYN







  • Banter Media & Management
  • October 10



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