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BANKS - "Change" (The Chainsmokers Remix)

 Many of us have experienced that heartbreak that cripples us and leaves us immobile as we struggle to pick the pieces up off the floor. Rising female artist BANKS so beautifully and organically describes what it is like to lose love and still helplessly try to keep it all together in her song “Change”. You can feel the black tears roll down here cheeks with each and every hallowed line. In times of despair it is good to have those friends to pick you up and console you. New York duo The Chainsmokers are that friend. They hear her cries of anguish and they swoop her up on the wings of Atreyu on to a magical journey to recovery. They say to her, “Hey, the break up sucked and it hurt really fucking bad, we don’t doubt that. But don’t forget that we love you and that we can dance. We can dance so fucking hard you want even remember . . . . what was his name, Steve? Fuck Steve . . . let’s drink whiskey and dance!" There are no large builds, no heavy synth work, just a perpetual groove the lulls us back to serenity. BANKS is currently on tour with The Weeknd and she is fucking amazing live, so check her out. In the mean time, saddle up and ride along with The Chainsmoker’s in this exquisite edit.

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