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Bob Moses - Far From the Tree [EP]

Newcomers Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance have stormed onto the scene over the last year. With their second release on underground imprint Scissor and Thread, Bob Moses is bound to make their biggest and best impression in dance music yet. Their second EP was released on October 9th 2013  and clearly illustrates the group’s ability to grow and develop as producers and musicians. The title track gives us an eerie look into their new brand of deep house. Taking the listener through a soundscape of haunting vocals, pulsing synths, and syncopated instrumental clicks and cracks so natural that they sound as though they have evolved from nature.

Stream: Bob Moses - Far From The Tree (Original Mix)

The altered vocals and classic verse-chorus structure of "Winter's Song" and "All I Want" make Bob Moses’ songwriting ability shine. For anyone seeking dark deep house vibes or melodic, soothing vocal electronic music, these tracks will not disappoint. The fourth track "Interloper" is Far From the Tree’s only instrumental. It features swung percussion hits and a groovy beat with tons of punch that eventually breaks to a thundering atmosphere that finally brings the track to silence.


Stream: Bob Moses - Winter's Song (Original Mix)

Stream: Bob Moses - All I Want (Original Mix)

Stream: Bob Moses - Interloper (Original Mix)

The fifth and final track on the release brings us away from the ever so familiar four on the floor style of deep house and sheds new light on the direction Bob Moses could be going in the future. Entrancing vocals surrounding a down tempo beat set a surreal mood throughout the track, with Tom’s catchy lines and soaring melodies keeping the listener hypnotized. Far From the Tree is a must buy in dance music at the moment. Don’t miss out, these guys are moving onto the scene fast and could be hitting a city near you. 

Stream: Bob Moses - Stealing Fire (Original Mix)


Bob Moses

Far From the Tree [EP]


  • Scissor and Thread
  • October 7th 2013


Dance · Deep House


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