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Flosstradamus & Yellow Claw - "Pillz" (Electric Bodega Remix)

Though trap music has come a long way since its inception as a genre that described drug dealing and becoming a legitimate force within an illegitimate field of work, this relatively new quasi-hardstyle bizarre love child has grown at an exceptional rate while dominating the scene from one 808 to the next. It's become so established that everyone from the Power Rangers to Frank Ocean has received a trap re-fix, but will this genre reach its eventual demise? Bringing their fresh perspective to a world of countless bedroom producers, Electric Bodega- a fitting name for this electronic meets rap blend that came to my attention with their Queen sampled track, "Fat Bottoms"-  takes the genre and flips it on its head, eliminating the unnecessary while giving you exactly what you need for that Friday night rager. 

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"Pillz" is an interesting track to decompose solely based its original production credits: Flosstradamus, the Chi Town duo who unleashed a Pandora's Box-esque effect with their remix of Major Lazer's "Original Don"; Yellow Claw, the Dutch trio that has been gaining quite the following as of late; and Green Velvet, the legendary polyonymous house producer that's still able to show these new kids how to rock a party . Throwing Electric Bodega's brand of off the wall insanity in the mix only adds to the chant heavy, synth striking sounds that arrise from this style of music. If you're looking for that essential party tune, Bodega has your back.


Flosstradamus & Yellow Claw (feat. Green Velvet)

"Pillz" [Electric Bodega Remix]

  • October 10th, 2013
Dance · Electronic · Trap


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