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Lea Lea - Lea Lea [Album Premiere]

It doesn't take a hardcore music follower to realize the ongoing trends within the industry, as it seems that for every innovator offering something new to the table (as much as I don't enjoy the musical stylings of Drake, I have to give credit where credit is due) there are a host of followers who follow a well know artist's formula for success, be it unconsciously or on purpose. The truth is that we've already got a Drake. In a world where we're overstimulated with new sights and sounds to take in, those who can't stand out from the crowd through their music and/or the ability to market themselves will sadly be forgotten. But how do you differentiate from the norm without going too far off the edge and landing yourself into obscurity? Alas, the issue that many individuals face during their careers.

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 Whereas artists are either too bland or too ambiguous with their work, Lea Lea seems to reach that perfect middle ground by introducing some familiar sounds that are able to hook the listener in while contributing some new ideas to the current state of the scene. Almost immediately after you hit play, you'll notice that the East London songstress lacks the self-pidgeonholing qualities, instead opting for a buffet of styles that show her intent to experiment without being to ambitious in her endeavours (in fact, while listening to the album, I had trouble categorizing the overarching genres; Lea's musical efforts definitely do not come across as being "vanilla" so to speak.)

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Beginning with the hypnotizing "Wonderer" and the playful, yet carefree sounds of "Dry", Lea is quick to extend her personality within her work, as her voice instantly hooks the listener in while taking them on a journey of eclectic instrumentals. "Apartheid", the standout track on the album,  starts with a mesmerizing motif that spearheads the entire track, crescendoing into a hook that's ridiculously  addictive. Other highlights include the bass dominant "Silence" and the reggae influenced, horn heavy closer "The Road". Be sure to pick the album up and show Lea Lea some love.

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Lea Lea

Lea Lea

  • Wah Wah 45's
  • October 7th, 2013
Electronic · Experimental


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Lea Lea
7 years ago

Thank you for the review! You are awesome!!!