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Iamnobodi - "Temptation"

Iamnobodi’s “Tempation” is the second helping of musical meatloaf being dealt off his new album Elevated. The upbeat vibe bounces with subtle modulation, and the vocal arrangement works to make the whole song calm and tranquil. This tune hits the tastes of alternative RnB and instrumental soul. The full sounding layers and fat kick drums sound something similar to a Flying Lotus like jam.

Imagine yourself walking into a German nightclub—you’re wearing a leather jacket with too many zippers, and you're the most attractive person, ever. The bartender says something in German, snaps his fingers, and slides you a drink. This is the song that is playing when you walk in. As a plus, the album art is worthy of being blown up and framed on your wall—or maybe you can just purchase the album for $18 and slide the album art under a fridge magnet? Your choice. Either way, you’ll love this song. Purchase here.

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