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Cory Jreamz - "Alive" [Video]

Unsigned artist Cory Jreamz has been on our radar for some time now and it would seem as though he has now caught the attention of others on the internet as well. His latest offering "Alive" was accompanied by a artistically gripping video which was both simple and complex at the same time. Having a death stare that almost looks into the bottom of your soul, the 19 year old artist has transcended the stereo typical Houston sound and has created his own lane of art-rap as others in the hip hop community have coined it. "Alive" was produced by a young Canadian by the name of Treyshawn. The visual direction is a credit to both Cory as well as Andrew Goodwin

With lines like “To kill a mockingbird is to kill a rapper… same shovel"

"Black Marlon Brando with that grand flow and dreamed of doing Madonna like Pac in '94"

It's understandable that people are intrigued  by the blend of weird, dark,  and educated art that they are seeing and hearing. "Alive" is off of Cory's next project; The Lonely Painter which is slated for release in November.



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