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Mac Miller - "The Star Room" (Feat. Delusional Thomas) [Video]

The evolution of Mac Miller is immanent.  If it wasn’t obvious enough on his sophomore effort, Watching Movies with the Sound Off in June, it sure looks like it now.  The transformation from a simple, laid back, fun loving Pennsylvania kid to the complex, drug-induced California reality TV icon is finally complete, and “The Star Room” might mark Mac’s most personal lyrics to date.

"Think I’m living paradise, what would I have to worry ‘bout?  Dealing with these demons, feel the pressure, find the perfect style.  Making sure my mom and dad are still somewhat in love, all these backfires of my experiments with drugs.”  An honest moment from an otherwise numb artist, the Most Dope rapper kicked off his album in an introspective manner and now we have the visuals.

It’s become somewhat common knowledge that whenever Mac combines with his long time friend TreeJTV, a million views is somewhere in the near future.   This time, blurring back and forth between hanging purple lights and a psychedelic hotel room, Mac insists he’s “not real.”  Maybe it was the trippy disappearance act played by the cigarette smoking Marilyn’s throughout the video, or the table full of vices lying in front of him.  Regardless, Larry Fisherman continues to dive deeper. WMWTSO is available for purchase here.   

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