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Yolanda Be Cool & Matias Aguayo Interview - Dim Mak Sundays @ Create

As you may have heard last week, Earmilk has teamed up with Dim Mak and Insomniac on a brand new Sunday night weekly extravaganza at Create Nightclub in Los Angeles. The refreshing variety in their talent booking is very exciting, ranging from up-and-comers to international superstars. We've decided to do an interview series to help our readers learn more about the many DJs rolling through Create over the next couple months. 

Tonight is the second Sunday of the campaign, and we sat down with Yolanda Be Cool and Matias Aguayo for a few words. Enjoy!

EM: We liked the marketing behind No Parle Americano. Hilarious video. How important is it for artists to market themselves these days? How important is the creative side behind just the music?
Yolanda: Its actually really really important. There are so many talented amazing producers out there that are no where near as big as other big name acts due to there lack of marketing. Its actually interesting to find out that some of the biggest and coolest underground DJS employ agencies to look after all their social media activities. So the music is obviously very important but showcasing your personality is equally important.
EM: That being said, we’ve heard that your “No Parlo Americano” sound is dead and that you’re moving into a different sound. Describe to us where you’re headed and what we can expect from you guys? Perhaps some techno?
Yolanda: Totally. We got pretty bored with the “swing house” kinda sounds. We are really inspired now by what we are kind of calling mainroom funk, or ghetto tech house, gangsta house – stuff that goes off but is not obvious like so many “edm” tunes out there. That’s for the club. But then we are also pretty into poolside beats, so we have a tune coming out in 2 weeks with the legend Omar on vox which seems to be a favourite amongst the girls and is more on the emotional side of house – then we also have our collab with Syf and Fritz from Azari and III which is a total flip of Ace of Base’s All That She Wants. It’s 98 bpms and out in November on Dim Mak.
EM: Reading your bio you guys pride yourself on being extremely versatile and underground despite some mainstream hits. Tell us about the underground side - Berghain, Berlin basements, and maybe some techno tracks we wouldn’t expecting from you guys?
Yolanda: Yes – we always say we should do some networking when we got to, for example, WMC but we always end up at the most underground parties that don’t really help on that front hahaha. But yes, as per above, we have some tunes that we have been working on that are made entirely for the clubs and we like to think of them as quirk house bangers lol.
EM: With the first ever Tomorrowworld coming up this weekend, what do you have in store for the crowd? What are you expecting from the inaugural festival weekend?
Yolanda: Well, we will be playing a lot of our new stuff alongside the tunes we have been rocking from artists such as Go Freek, Bixel Boys, Destructo, Anna Lunoe and the remix we just did with our buddy Wax Motif for Etienne De Crecy.
EM: What is unique about the Dim Mak brand and label? What do you think about this new look, moving away from the progressive and electro house labels usually associated with the brand?
Yolanda: Well, I think they are pushing all sorts of different sounds, which is awesome. Steve is definitely forward thinking so having guys like Booka Shade and Azari and III on the label made us feel more than comfortable signing our album to them and they have been nothing but supportive since which has been great.
EM: Last one - Describe Dim Mak in three words…
Yolanda: Fun family fuckers


EM: A German and Chilean mix is very interesting to us...do you think you’ve been able to enjoy such success because you’re drawing influence from two such impressive cultures?
Matias: For sure it is a peculiar mixture that maybe almost automatically leads to peculiar results. When I do music I often sing in Spanish, my production obviouls is influenced by the german electronics or New Wave I grew up with, and my various travels and also life in different South American places in which I have been experiencing the most different popular rhythms, all that I think ads up…
EM: You’ve worn many hats in the industry….Producer, Vocalist, Promoter, Label Owner. What’s next for Comeme? Kompakt?BumBumBox?
Matias: As I just released my album “The Visitor” this year, it is all about living this album and playing it out in the most different ways, sometimes on my own, sometimes alongside my fellow Cómeme musician Alejandro Paz, or also with the Chilean band Mostro. It is all about touring and playing now, and as I always like to improvise and create while touring, I think this will give me a lot of ideas for future recordings…
EM: Are you going to be incorporating the live aspect of your DJ performances into your set on Sunday?
Matias: Of course, just spinning records without singing and playing is only half the fun for me, I can share much more when I implement my voice, play some percussion and possibly interact with the audience…

For Both: 

EM: Who are two artists we probably haven’t heard about that you guys are feeling right now?
Yolanda: Well, Go Freek are 2 young guys from Sydney that are making incredible main room tech funk bangers and then Bixel Boys are pretty much doing the same thing from LA. Expect to see these names a lot in our playlists at least. 
Matias: Alejandro Paz, and my friend Sano from Medellín Colombia, who is about to release an album on our label Cómeme.
EM: Dim Mak Sundays is a very original concept, bringing back Sundays as a party night. What is the best Sunday party you’ve ever played? Are Sunday nights back in business on the West Coast now?
Yolanda: Sundays are always fun because basically, if you have decided to go out on a Sunday, you are already being  a bit naughty and decided to not go to work Monday, crowds tend to be cooler as well as it’s less the Saturday crowd. Sundays are definitely fun for us. As for the best Sunday party, let’s hope it’s Create.
Matias: Best Sunday nights so far was with OPTIMO in Glasgow @ SubClub


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