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Bixel Boys - Black December [EP]

Los Angeles based duo Bixel Boys have succeeded in an A to B switch on their all original debut 2-track EP, entitled, “Black December”.  Released today on the famed Australian label Sweat It Out, the EP signals the end of a six-month binge of applauded remixes, edits and sampled content that landed the DJ and producer duo a place on The Windish Agency’s influential artist label. Windish Agency slots are not easy to come by, especially without an extensive roster of original material, so the Internet can rest assured that the Bixel Boys possess substance.

Title side A “Black December,” is an intensely produced track that hitches us on a vintage-inspired ride full of musical dips and peaks, before devolving into a snarling bass section. It can be heard across the board in dimly lit dance clubs and at outdoor EDM festivals alike. The B-side “Red October,” is an effervescent track that bubbles over into a fest-enthused parallel of free-spirited techno and standard four to the floor house. Bixel Boys had already caught our eye with their remixes, and debt EP “Black December” will hold the full attention of the blogosphere as summer comes to close. 

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bixel boys

Bixel Boys

Black December

  • Sweat It Out! Music
  • 27-09-2013


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