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Let's Pretend - "Grand Theft Audio"

The Grand Theft Auto series is an interesting beast. Though it managed to maintain its open world style approach, which allowed players to steal, shoot, and speed to their heart's content, the most integral part of the franchise is the soundtrack, bar none. If you were like myself and were but a teenager when these games were released, the 80's saturated sounds of Vice City and the urban anthems of San Andreas were most likely part of  your 6 star crime sprees from police officers, SWAT members and tanks. Though the 5th instalment has already been released with an astounding reception from fans and a stellar score to boot, Bay Area duo Let's Pretend have decided to show their love of' the series with a new take on and old classic with their latest track, "Grand Theft Audio".

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/111850199"]

By infusing some modern day electro into the Oliver Cheatham classic, "Get Down Saturday Night", the duo manage to sideswipe the listener into a frenzy of chaotic beats with the surprising change. As they go into overdrive mode with their arms flailing in the air while jumping up and down after the monumental drop is delivered, those participating are caught in the madness until the track reaches its eventual, yet unfortunate end. Stream the track and show Let's Pretend some love on their Facebook page for the download.

let's pretend

Let's Pretend

Grand Theft Audio

  • September 23rd, 2013
Dance · Electro


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