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Jimmy Johnson - "9/11" [Video]

Toronto has finally been discovered and accepted in the world of hip-hop as a nest where talent exists and flourishes. The new spotlight has sparked the flame and ignited the coals under the toes of underground rappers from the frigid north. Toronto's signature sound is still uncategorized and in it's development stage; so young artists are sprouting up and adding their touch to this new ecosystem.

Jimmy Johnson is a 21 year old artist affiliated with the Prime media group, he recently released his latest visual to a song titled "9/11". Even though we are now at the end of September the message that he is trying to convey is timeless. Some may listen to the song categorize it as your run of the mill trap song. What I really enjoyed about this offering was the countless references to 90's hallmarks in pop culture. Appearances from Allen Iverson,  Michael Jordan, classic movie clips and paying homage to Stussy Toronto

Jimmy is set to release his next project In God We Trust in the coming months, with the widening attention Toronto now receives it will be worth checking in to see what the cities next generation is up to.





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