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JBAG - Mogadisco [EP]

The London duo JBAG has a sound that screams posh beach parties and unlimited cocktails. That’s probably why the signature sound of Jerry Bouthier and Andrea Gorgerino pops up all over French indie dance label Kitsuné and the fashion world. It’s impossible not to dance to their catchy tracks and have the time of your life.

JBAG’s latest single, “Mogadisco,” packs tropical percussion, house beats, sailing synths, and a fleeting “all night long” into a fun track that keeps the party going. On the Mogadisco EP, Fare Soldi adds a groovy bass line and a stomp-worthy beat for a funky spin on the tropical beach vibes of the original. Pharao Black Magic lives up to the magic in their name, with a mystical, effervescent remix. If we’re sticking to the whole beach party theme, this fits the sunrise officially ending the night. ELIOT’s Tropical Euromix takes the original track to the next level. It packs a harder punch and gets a bit sassy in shouting, “it’s like that, yeah” and, “so get it up.”

The Mogadisco EP is available now via JBAG’s label, Continental Records. You can grab a free download of the original mix from the Continental Records SoundCloud page.

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