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Break Science - "Breath of Space" (Feat. Sonya Kitchell)

A ringing endorsement from electronic artist Pretty Lights, combined with a release on his label Pretty Lights Music is nothing to sneeze at. PLM Godfather Derek Vincent Smith describes Break Science's forthcoming album Seven Bridges, set for release on October 1st, as “hard-hitting and melodically beautiful.” The threefold nature, and eclectic Big Apple influence of their music, which is a hip-hop, electro, and bass hybrid, is clearly felt on “Breath of Space (feat. Sonya Kitchell).” Here, the duo has created a single that bridges the gap between club hype and introspective music from strong hip-hop roots, with sky-high vocals and pensive phrasing from Sonya Kitchell as a welcome addition.

Not to mention that Break Science can recreate their exquisite production techniques live, lighting up the festival circuit this year with dates at Electric Zoo, Electric Forest, and Camp Bisco amongst others. The combination of flawless live production techniques, experienced trip-hop, dub, and soul keyboard sensations from Boraham Lee , enhanced with a thunderous break beat drum pulse by Adam Deitch, Break Science delivers both fist pumps and deep thoughts to their audience. While on tour this fall with label mate Pretty Lights, the duo is certain to continue to light up after parties across the country, with the next date being at the world famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.

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