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Olav Basoski vs. Jaxxon - "Lady Bug"

As an avid fan of both classic disco as well as the new generation of nu disco and garage house music, I've had a lingering question in my mind: why does neither acknowledge the other's existence? While house music has its roots disco, the underground nature of movements like UK garage and other forms of deeper, darker house can also be traced back to the warehouse parties thrown in secret in the aftermath of the extravagant fall of the disco club era in the early 1980s.

Finally the nerdy analytic in me is satisfied with the release of "Lady Bug" on Spinnin' Records's house outlet Work this week. The track is a "vs." between Dutch disco house contemporary Olav Basoski and UK garage rising star Jaxxon, in that platform setting up a fantastic bridge between the two funk-inspired interpretations of music. "Lady Bug" is more overtly cheeky and retro than your standard garage track, but has an acidic, heavier restraint to it than most modern house records. It successfully translates two modern points of view via one track, and really helps contextualize each musical movement. All I can say is that after listening to this, I hope other artists take note. 

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Olav Basoski vs. Jaxxon

Lady Bug

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