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Shit Robot - "We Got Love" (Feat. Reggie Watts) [Video]

Who would have thought that comedian Reggie Watts would be the soulful vocals on a new track from DFA’s Shit Robot? It’s absolute genius. “We Got Love” lures you in with piano keys and a deep bass line, then it launches into this intense intergalactic groove. All the while an amazingly weird Reggie Watts raises the heat, as you’re hypnotized by his signature vocal effects and loops. It’s a funky adventure worthy of repeating.

The video is as equally strange as the collaboration at hand. We follow this galaxy-skinned person as they go about their day. It sounds dull, but the galaxy skin won’t disappoint.  


“We Got Love” is available digitally and as a limited 12” single. It comes backed with “Feel Like Movin’”, an equally addicting track from The Juan Maclean featuring vocals from Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem

Shit Robot

"We Got Love" (Feat. Reggie Watts)

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