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Sir Sly - "Gold" (La'Reda Remix) [Download]

Sir Sly, a LA based indie alternative electro pop collective, has stirred up some buzz with their single "Gold," a featured track from their May 2013 EP Gold. Although the well crafted sounds of "Gold" stand beautifully on their own, a few artists ranging from Gold Fields to Dr. Fresch have released their renditions and remixes of the track. Today, we've got another one to add to the collection, and I can't complain one bit. Brion Charles and Nathan Barbour, also from LA, are the men behind La'Reda and this wonderful remix. Right from the start, airy vocals pull you in and lead you closer and closer to a smooth, seamless, synth-laced drop. La'Reda highlights Sir Sly's unique sound and enhances the more poppy elements to create a track that you can dance to just as easily as you can relax to it. With this ideal blend of bass and bliss, La'Reda and Sir Sly have shown that their respective styles are a force to be reckoned with.

<strong>Stream:</strong> <strong>Sir Sly</strong> - Gold (La'Reda Remix)

Snag the free download here.

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