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Blood Diamonds – "Barcode" (Feat. Dominic Lord) (Com Truise Remix)

While Seth Haley, aka Com Truise, generally rolls through the airy and lush end of the electronic spectrum with his forward-minded productions he occasionally ventures into the realm of a heavy hitting power-infused soundscapes. In showcasing such versatility Haley just dropped a full on electro remix of Blood Diamonds' "Barcode" where the supporting booms and baps are amplified to cause even the stiffest of necks to nod back and forth.

As a part of the Barcode Pt. 2 EP Truise's remix takes on many shapes ranging from a schizophrenic backing to awakening panning effects. Highlighting many of the lyrical one liners including "Hide your woman, hide your kids–your wife I'm all up in" and utilizing the repeating"AK-47"/"Dollar Sign" chants to break up lighter sections, Com Truise seems to have had fun with this one–pushing the energy on to listeners.

So get the weekend started off on the right note with good vibes and even better glitch-heavy samples.


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