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Chapman - "Gay Rap Song" (Reference Track)

Listening to the greats such as KRS-One lay out the birth of hip-hop as they both watched and helped it grow there is one thing that becomes exceedingly apparent about the culture of this art, it was built to be inclusive to any and all people who were rejected elsewhere in society. So for any student of hip-hop the current heteronormative trend that pervades most of the genre is most problematic and perplexing, especially when an artist like Chapman proves that he belongs by sculpting the art form so eleqouently to fit his own personal pain and struggle.

Exposing not only a tender and hurt side to Chapman “Gay Rap Song” designates a manifesto. Central to it, the idea that gay artists like himself are far too talented and integral to the industry to not be reaping the rewards. Looking to diva icons to help amplify his voice, “Gay Rap Song” really does not need the help. Re-employing the heart-wrenching beat from Chance The Rapper’s “Acid Rain” and laying on top it a new but just as emotional set of lyrical dressings the track begs for and receives a melancholy empathy from the listener. The Yung Klout Gang affiliate also has his debut EP XL Life coming soon.

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