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Eminem - "Berzerk" [Official Music Video]

Slim Shady’s kickin’ it old school, and he brought some friends with him too.  It’s only been a couple weeks since Eminem announced that he will be releasing a sequel to the highly regard Marshall Mathers LP.  Then only days after, Mathers unleashed his first single “Berzerk,” to a bevy of mixed reviews in the Twitterverse.  Today, we get the official video.

What does Kid Rock, a giant boom box, Kendrick Lamar, footage of Billy Squier performing his 1980’s hit “The Stroke” and vintage footage of fighting and rioting have in common?  It’s all been blurred together to create the visuals to the complex mind of Eminem.  His quirkiness and appreciation for classic rock and hip-hop shines throughout the video, as Em dances amongst his Shady Records signees Slaughterhouse and pokes fun at tabloid celebrities.  The Syndrome directed piece features Slim Shady and Rick Rubin going “Berzerk” in front of an enormous speaker as Shady raps his way into the limelight again.   

Eminem stays true to his word through the video, proving that “we’re gonna rock this house until we knock it down so turn the volume loud, cause it’s mayhem ‘til the a.m.”  MMLP2 will hit stores on November 5th

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