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Kaytranada - "At All"

A producer’s skill to engineer the next new remix is vital in the ever-changing urban music landscape. Self-described Montreal area “hippy-hop” artist Kaytranada is known for this, and has remixed widespread platinum-selling artists Busta Rhymes, Janet Jackson, Missy Elliot and others. But when the Haitian born artist releases homespun productions we have an unmatched hip-hop phenomenon on our hands. He released his latest original, “At All,” yesterday in anticipation of an impending national tour that includes dates in LA, Reno, and Miami. Signed to the HW&W and Jakarta record label, Kaytranada fashions hip-hop, rap, and disco house into veritable urban sub-genres. The understated blend of spliced hip-hop beats, and choppy disco house in “At All” are unique even in a sub-category production. In the producer’s words, “Sub-genres got me f****d up, ” and with this quote we pass on a warning to the listener. 

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