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The BlackWhite - "All Of Your Voices"

London band The BlackWhite is proving that sometimes juxtaposition just works. The five-piece debuted their self-titled EP in January, and are now introducing their new single “All Of Your Voices” (available October 13), a dazzling yet demure track that is somehow both subtle and striking. 

As with the lyrics of the song, “All of your voices never changed the face of me / all of your faces never showed themselves to me,” the correlating music goes through a series of its own phases. It begins timidly, like whispered folklore around a campfire with only a guitar and vocals inviting us in. A snare drum sets the scene and the electronic keys give the storyline confidence.  

Looking for the twist? Well the plot thickens around the minute mark with the full band joining in. The choppy guitar rifts and vocal intonations are reminiscent of a milder Red Hot Chili Peppers dunked in a cold bath of Muse-infused symphonics.

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The band, made up of Josh Bray, Ed Broad, Guy Prall, Harry Deacon and Ash Krajewski have kept their folk influence preface, but are pulling out all the contemporary stops to hold our attention. It’s like a musical tug-of-war and we’re having a field day.

So whether you call it alt-rock, indie, electro-folk, or just plain good music – curl up with “All Of Your Voices” – a track that is sure to be one for the books. 

Alternative · Folk Rock · Indie


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