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Road To Shaanxi - "Revelations" [Video]

Road To Shaanxi is currently signed to the one and only True Panther Records. True Panther Records has an incredible regime of miscreants that include  Ty Segall, Cloud Nothings, Trash Talk, King Krule, and that’s only to name a few of the indie household artists these guys take care of. Not much is known about Road To Shaanxi  but if the title track is just a sample of what’s to come from Shaanxi, Revelations EP will soon be a staple to any music connoisseur’s collection.

The track “Revelations” creates a perfect modulation of focalized and captivating drums in unity with the background instrumentals phasing in as if a prologue to a story is about to unfold. As Revelations plays through, the medium of the synth and piano incorporate a sublime affect on your ears, all while the drums keep you in an ever so perfect state of equilibrium. The track hits its climax at around 3:00 minutes while increasing the tempo of the track slowly progressing you to the closing that leaves a perplexing sense of contemplation. It leaves an undying, tranquil sensation to hear the next chronicle from Road To Shaanxi.



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8 years ago

well written