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Tajan and Fwdslxsh – "Beautiful" [Download]

London-based Fwdslxsh has teamed up with Utah native and 17-year old producer Tajan, to create this dreamy, line focused track that will make you picture yourself flying on the private jet plane that you've always wanted , sitting enveloped in plush leather seats and looking out the window at a beautiful landscape of clouds and a sun-setting sky. Fwdslxsh and Trajan joint produced the track a few months ago and decided to do a few touch ups before they released it for free download this month. A rework of Justin Timberlake's 2006 hit, "My Love," "Beautiful" not only allows to your brain a moment of relaxation but also ingrains the smoothness that is JT's vocal capacity to set itself deep within your brain. Fwdslxsh's "Wifey" track, which was recently showcased on BBC Radio's 1Extra feature, along with this "Beautiful" collaboration with Tajan, is a green flag to all you Earmilk readers that both artists are no doubt upcoming peeps to keep an eye out for. 


Electronic · Hip-Hop


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