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Karman Verdi - "Skywalker" [Video]

I always heard that what really grabs people's attention when listening to a new song, is the beat. The validity of this claim is questionable, but in hip hop, there is no doubt that a good backdrop can make a good artist sound better. This writer is a total sucker for good production. It takes me at least three or four listens to even hear what the emcee is even rhyming, because all of my attention is focused on whats happening behind him or her. Thankfully, since the advent of the internet, there has been an increase in the amount of producers who are just posting their music online--in instrumental form. 

While scouring through Soundcloud, my most trusted source of new and innovate beats, I stumbled upon a young beatmaker named Karman Verdi. Hailing from Russia, or at least that what his facebook page says, this talented producer has crafted his own breed of wonky and dreamy style of hip hop. His style aligns itself wonderfully with the rise of cloud or Tumblr rap. It is equal parts soothing and head nodding, like a good night weed induced coma. Instead of the domineering drums found in a lot of recent hip hop, Verdi chooses to go with softer drums, allowing the melodies to dominate the track.

Verdi's most recent video, "Skywalker", exemplifies his burgeoning style. The spacey track, led primarily by intricate  synthesizers modified using interesting effects, is accompanied by relaxing scenes. I'm sure their order are important part of the message he is trying to convey, but for the most part they serve as chill images to rest one's eyes upon, while jamming to the smooth track. It has a very artsy feel, but it doesn't come off pertinacious. 

He may be young, but he has been working hard over the years. If you make your way to his soundcloud, you will find his latest album, I Love Japan, among a whole slew of other songs he has been working on. If you are into dreamy instrumental hip hop, give him a try, and tell us what you think. 

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8 years ago

As a rapper myself, thank you for this!!!

8 years ago

dope as fok