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Paul McCartney - "New"

In case you're unaware of his work, Paul McCartney is the man who played "Hey Jude" at the Opening Ceremony for the London Olympics last year, and he is currently serving as Nirvana's new singer. One of the first songs McCartney ever wrote was a lovely little tune called "When I'm Sixty-Four," on which he sings of losing his hair and needing to be fed when he gets older. He would later perform this with a Liverpool-based band called The Beatles.

Well, McCartney has now surpassed the illusive age of sixty-four, and it appears as though none of his predictions have come true. McCartney still has a flowing set of locks atop his head and, even after all these years, he continues to produce original, catchy pop melodies with incomprehensible ease. Such is the case on "New", the title track from McCartney's forthcoming millionth album. The Mark Ronson-produced song finds McCartney rehashing a Beatles-esque Baroque sound with added modern pop sensibilities. The New LP comes out on October 14. 

Listen to the track on McCartney's Soundcloud.



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