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Lana Del Rey - "Young & Beautiful" (PatrickReza Remix)

There's something about Lana Del Rey's music that makes it a perfect fit for almost any genre that wants to take it out for a remix or bootleg. From the drum 'n' bass powerhouse of Jakwob and Etherwood's remix to Joy Orbison's low end minimal remix of "Video Games", there really is no limit to where an LDR song can go. Hell, my library alone has more remixes than actual originals. With that in mind, we present the newest work from wunderkind PatrickReza.

PatrickReza is more of a heavy brostep kind of dude, but this remix gives us a glimpse at his softer side. It still holds that gritty characteristic of his previous works, but feels more like a 70bpm tune than the usual 140 monster. The vocals are left perfectly intact, and the tube synths act as a supplemental space for the lyrics to dip out. Lathered up in reverb and packed to the brim with slow-attack saw synths and low-fi ring modulation, this remix of "Young & Beautiful" holds true to the original while presenting itself as a completely different production.

Grab the free download here.

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