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Reese - "Reese Mane La Flare" [Video Premiere]

Atlanta crew Two-9 has been on the up recently, with relatively new releases from component members FatKidsBrotha, Reese, and Curtis Williams that perfectly exemplify the group's particular brand of low-key, front-yard trap music. In his video for the single “Reese Mane La Flare,” off his DSNRTRAPN mixtape, Reese backs up the group's claim to this laid-back style of trap by comparing himself to one of it's patron saints – Gucci Mane La Flare. I for one am surprised that anyone even remembers what is technically Gucci Mane's full rap name, since he kind of ditched that pretty early in favor of the “So Icey” thing, but Reese's apotheosis in to the title makes for a decent story.

“Reese Mane La Flare” in part tells the story of Two-9's foundation in, naturally, the Year of Our Lord 2009. The video flashes between Reese and his homies trappin' out the kitchen, ostensibly in 2006 when he was “back on bullshit” before his success with Two-9, and Reese's ostentatious present-day life, filled with designer logos and Versace neon signs. Reese has always been one of the flashier members of Two-9, but despite his focus on “designer trapping,” he still name-checks Thrasher hoodies, a favorite of Curtis Williams, who shows up for a cameo in the video.

Reese's last few videos off DSNRTRAPN have been directed by Chandler Lass, a.k.a. Young Wonder, a 20-year old video phenom who's primarily done more commercial work at this point, so it's interesting to see that she's aligned so heavily with Two-9. I actually thought this was a Brain Bandits video during my first watch, and Lass has definitely copped their lo-fi, slowed-down aesthetic for “Reese Mane La Flare.” Her slow pans coupled with rapid cuts and frame-skips give weight to the music back up Reese's declarations and punchlines. She's done a few other videos for the crew previously, and I'm hoping she ends up a long-term collaborator – the group that's been called “Atlanta's Wu-Tang” will be one to watch over the coming months and her videos are some of the best that Two-9 has released.

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