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Savoy - "I Wouldn't Mind" (Remix)

Following their second headlining show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in late July, Brooklyn trio Savoy released a remix of “I Wouldn’t Mind,” off of their new EP Three Against Nature yesterday. Releasing a remix of your own track comes with risks because you can really only succeed or fail, it can’t be lukewarm. If you succeed you’re seen as inventive, and if you fail, you now have a reputation for being pretentious. Here, the festival regulars have created a spinning kaleidoscope of distorted electro house, which is held down by a four-to-the-floor pulse. This hard house track features a dirty, compressed bass line filled with a festy ready attitude, and clearly, Savoy knows their core audience. The fans consensuses on the self-released remix are that, “remixing your own song is classy as ****.” We’d listen to the original again, but Savoy has outdone themselves.

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