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Tokyo Shawn - "I Know You" (Prod. French Kiwi Juice) [Official Video]

I always knew Tokyo Shawn was good, but I had been waiting for a song from him that was going to take my breath away and send shivers down my spine... and I am glad to say that the time has finally come. "I know You" highlights the young artist's eccentric rhythm and style, and it's set over stunning production work. 

Adding on top of the song, the music video further marks his presence as one to watch: he stands at the mic, surrounded by faceless ballerinas doing complicated choreography. It's a stunning combination of rap and ballet with lyrics accentuated by the strong forms - the raw honesty of his lines strike the heart here. 

Each member of Save Money seems to hold an unique style (Chance the Rapper, Kami De Chukwu, King Thelonious), and now it's very clear that Tokyo Shawn has imprinted a sound for himself as well. Of course, things may change over time (and change is welcolmed) but... I like this for now. 

He's got an EP in the works, Wave Theory, although no set date for that quite yet. In the meantime, crank up the stereo and push play on the video below. 

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8 years ago

“: #EARMILK : Tokyo Shawn - "I Know You" (Prod. French ... - http://t.co/vbL26fMFrg @TokyoShawn”