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Termanology - "100 More Jewelz"

Termanology is well known in the underground hip-hop scene. Term’s impeccable flow and witty lyrics are essential to what creates his sound. “100 More Jewelz” is Termanology spitting a 100 bar verse with callous lyrics at rapid speed. His precision, as always, is on point.

In “100 More Jewelz” Term seems to put everyone on blast, leaving no one safe. Termanology rhymes about politicians, record companies, and rappers who aren’t as truthful in their lyrics as he is. “I write about my real life ya’ll write fantasy raps,” he says emphatically. There is no hook, just constant fire coming at you from start to finish. 

Termanology is another rapper throwing his hat into the ring on the recent debate started by Kendrick Lamar on the identity of the best emcee. With his showing on “100 More Jewelz”, Term definitely gives people reason to believe he belongs in the conversation. Term’s new album GOYA (Guns Or Yay Available) will be released on October 8th.

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