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Noyce - Devil's Bump [EP]

If you are a fan of organic soundscapes, look no further. Noyce brings you eclectic beats that come from all the way from Britain. He's known for his seemingly chaotic lacings, though it somehow induces a sense of peace and harmony to your mind. A fair warning, Noyce's work isn't something of an easy-listen. He's quite fond of unorthodox song structures mixed with sounds and effects pulsating in and out. It can be overwhelming at first, though it slowly transforms into something of a chaotic harmony. Noyce's latest release, Devil's Bump, showcases his consistent production of disorganized unity. Amidst the hodgepodge of sounds, it all eventually comes together into something that revolves around an obscure beat. His mastery in making disorganized, environmental soundscapes into something relaxing is quite uncommon. Within Devil's Bump, you'll stumble across a set of very unique and distinct individual tracks that range from downtempo to jazz.  

Stream, creek, and river below. 

Play: Noyce - At The Gorge

Play: Noyce - Get Sad

Play: Noyce - Hem

Play: Noyce - Dandelion (It'll Be Fine)

Play: Noyce - Floor


Devil's Bump

  • Sunday Records
  • 8/23/2013


Eclectic · Experimental


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