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Dirg Gerner - "Window"

“Slow and steady wins the race,” is a saying most of us 21st century beings might have trouble accepting, but London based singer, poet, and producer Dirg Gerner is proof that the proverb rings true as he gifts us with “Window,” the third tune on his new self-titled 6-track EP released off of Eglo Records. “Window” showcases playful, almost mischievous electronic instrumentals which, when taken apart from the full construction of the song might border on amusing, but when combined with Gerner’s sleek, Sade-like vocals, end up creating a thoroughly unique, magnetizing, and mature sound.

Gerner’s silky voice and distinct electronic melodies can be found throughout the rest of his extended play as well as in his latest video for “Vicious Cycle,” which comes second on the Dirg Gerner EP track list and is a well-done, simplistic, and absorbing motion picture of Gerner exploring various locations in New York City. The entire Dirg Gerner EP is available for Vinyl purchase and digital download

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