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Benjamin Damage - "010X" (Truncate & SCNTST Remixes)

After the successful launch of  Benjamin Damage’s album, Heliosphere, that hit shelves earlier this year via Modeselektor’s delectable 50Weapons imprint, we saw the prompt following of a remix issue featuring Detroit's techno pioneer, Robert Hood. Dishing out his blaring take on Damage’s “Delirium Tremens,” many of us knew that one remix package alone would simply not suffice. With anticipation for the next release set high, the succeeding pack of remixes off the album’s “010X” track are now here and ready to infect crowds once more. With Los Angeles producer Truncate (who also goes by the alias of Audio Injection) and Munich’s own SCNTST both delivering their own twist on the track, the varying moods created by both producers waffle through a variety of fully engaged forms of rhythmic techno.

Stream: Benjamin Damage - 010x (Truncate Remix)

Starting things off is Truncate, rendering through a segment of whirling chords and tense atmospheres that have become well-attached to his distinctive and unequaled productions. As deferred tones push out raw sounds, the binding of this gambol and clap-induced reverie charges with uncured processes of floor-pounding techno. The next rendition sees SCNTST pillaring an approach that urges a more lifting account to Damage’s original. With a mixture of jarring beats and a pulsing nature that leads to a melodic breakdown, the track resurfaces into a good multi-perspective structure. Showing a wide faucet of range, the young producer's embracing of explored musical styles allows for a culmination of thuds that reproduce into something more ample and resonant. With another solid release for the 50Weapons label, make sure you don't skip out on the goods here!

Stream: Benjamin Damage - 010x (SCNTST Remix) 


Benjamin Damage

010X (Truncate & SCNTST Remixes)

  • 50Weapons
  • 2013-08-16




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7 years ago

meh the original is better