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London Grammar - "Wasting My Young Years" (Sound Remedy Remix)

A master at creating artful remixes, LA-based producer Sound Remedy has released yet another beautiful track, with his remix of London Grammar’s “Wasting My Young Years”. Playing on the song’s dark and almost forlorn tones, Sound Remedy takes the essence of London Grammar’s original piece to create a hauntingly addictive electronic track. With Hannah Reid’s powerful voice as the focal point, the track builds steadily before dissolving into Sound Remedy’s signature drop - a unique sound (thankfully) found on almost all of his remixes. Evoking the nostalgia of a fleeting youth, Sound Remedy’s latest release is blissfully melancholic, and, as always, is available as a free download via his Facebook page. 



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  • Free Download? Nope I get a 'Sorry, this track is not currently available for download.' from the FB 'Like to Download' app. Run out of downloads? Or a Like Farming scam? Whatever, really disappointed. Don't make me go and jump through hoops to try and download a track then tell me it's not available!

    Shame because I love the song and try to track down all remixes of it, and this one sounds pretty good I'll play the other ones out, then...:-/

    Avatar Fingertrouble August 19, 2013 12:49 AM Reply

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