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Fwdslxsh - "The Life"

19 year-old London-based producer and student Yinka Bankole has always been a junkie for music, but it wasn’t until August of last year that he decided to take a shot at producing it, under the name fwdslxsh (pronounced forward slash). A member of the London-based art collective, Last Night In Paris, fwdslxsh became inspired to assemble musical creations of his own after hearing the sounds and styles of artists Atu, Sivey, and Salute.

A listen to his current track collection is a dive into a sensual and imaginative fantasy pool of futuristic R&B reworks. Fwdslxh’s latest tune, “The Life” is no exception to that repertoire.  An airy, well-done remix of Ciara’s 2006 “Promise” track, “The Life” was meant to be saved for an upcoming EP release, but he decided to give the tune out early as a thank you to his supporters. Larger-than-life synths, dream-like chords and dynamic vocal edits that make Ciara’s already sexy voice that much more enticing, give this track the power to slow you down, chill you out, and get you in the mood to “enjoy the night,” if you know what I’m saying. 

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Electronic · R&B


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