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Active Child - "She Cut Me"

Slightly unexpected, but overwhelmingly exiting Los Angeles' Active Child (Pat Grossi) has just released a new instrumental cut. Having not released new original material since the melodically vocal "Evening Cremony" in March, "She Cut Me" is a lasting taste off of an EP that should see the light of day soon.

From the get go it is obvious that "She Cut Me" will take on a downtempo mysterious approach. In the songs two minute span Grossi manages to introduce wholesome drum beats, melodic sampled vocal cues and other lush atmospheric instrumentals, creating an overtaking soundscape that demands attention. 

It sure is exiting to see that Pat Grossi will be returning with more music in the coming months, if "She Cut Me" is any indication we should be in for more dream-like bliss.

Downtempo · Experimental


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