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Marcel Dettmann / Lucy - BLPGRN: 004 [Compilation]

Berlin residents Marcel Dettmann (pictured above) and Lucy have quite a number of things in common. Both remain defining visionaries in the scope of electronic music, both are heads of their own respective labels, and now both artists make up BLPGRN: 004 ,the fourth installment of The Green Series—a three-way collaboration between Bleep.com, GiveUpArt, and photographer Shaun Bloodworth aimed at exploring the finest sounds in today’s techno music. 

Stream:Marcel Dettmann - Ride

The outing begins with Marcel Dettmann’s “Ride”. A track comprised of unfolding, techno-induced elements that remain guided by a vigorous sub bass. The acerbic white noise that follows it up defines the tune’s essential horse power. Persistent and melody steered, “Ride” supports an emblematic Dettmann sound that touches up on the various personalities to his unique producer’s handle.

Stream:Lucy - Slaves' March

Epic, daunting, and battering describe the bottom-line to Lucy’s “Slaves’ March”. Full of unapologetic noises depicting pandemonium at the song’s crux, one definitely gets a feel for the industrial machine moving music that, undoubtedly, inspires the ardent producer. Dominant thrusts and punitive stabs that reverberate within closed-off substructures, “Slaves’ March” is an unparalleled tune that holds us captive with its overbearing presence!

Out now on a very limited edition 12 inch pressing, make sure to grab your copy while they’re still in stock. Also, if you’re looking to catch the duo live outside of Berlin, don’t miss your opportunity to see them perform at London’s Village Underground on August 10.



Marcel Dettmann / Lucy


  • Bleep
  • August 5, 2013




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